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Juleball 2012

Fotograf: Odd Egil Nerland

Salsa 1

Cuban salsa - requires no prior knowledge .

In salsa 1 we spend time learning the basic salsa rhythm and steps . We dance on line, in couples and learn the basic salsa figures. You do not need to a have a partner to sign up as we all dance with different partners throughout the course. This is to learn quicker, get better as dancers and it is also more social :-) To become a confident salsa dancer you may want to attend salsa 1 course more than once . Come join us and have fun ! !

Salsa 2

Builds on salsa 1.

You must know the basic salsa rhythm and salsa steps, and have participated in at least one salsa 1 course before , Cuban style. We will learn classic Cuban figures such as El Dedo and Setenta . Enjoy yourself , the music and dancing!

Also at salsa 2 level it can be wise to do the course more than once to be real confinent with the basic rythm and to have a good basis to go further with more advanced figures.

Salsa 3

Builds on salsa 2.

We repeat some of the figurs we learnt on the salsa 2 course, but start to rotate more, and we learn figures such as Ochenta, Bayamo etc. We will focus on learning the ladies right turn and will also build on having more rotation in the dance. We will also work on body isolation and movement pattern of the dance .

At salsa 3 level there is a lot of challenges, and we advice you to do the salsa 3 course at least 2 times before attending courses at higher levels. When dancing at salsa 3 level we also reccomend you to joyn some courses with focus on body moves and technique.


Salsa advanced

Salsa advanced builds on salsa 3. We reccomend for most dancers to do the salsa 3 at least 2 times before attending the advanced courses or that you have danced a lot socially, at least 1/2-1 year. At salsa advanced level we expect the ladies to know the right turn with rotation well and that the boys also know how to rotate. at salsa advanced level curriculum can change from time to time.There will be more focus on style, elegance and body moves at higher levels.

Bachata 1

This is a romantic dance from the Dominican Republic. After a 4 hours course, you are read to hit the dance floor ! ! Bachata is easy to learn and requires no prior knowledge because we teach you the basic steps and simple figures on this course.


Bachata intermediate course

For dancers who know the basic steps and basic figurs of bachata 1.


Bachata advanced course

For dancers that have danced quite a lot of social bachata and are ready for further challenges :-) We emphasize leading technique.

La Rueda 1

Cuban Salsa danced in a ring. The ‘Caller’ controls the ring by calling out different commands to the dancers who dance together in sync. The is a dynamic dance where partners are exchanged frequently with lots of humor and energy. A very social and fun way to dance salsa!!!

La Ruedaaaaa !!!

Prerequisites: Must have mastered the Salsa 3 curriculum, preferably having attended at least two Salsa 3 courses. You must be able to change places/rotate during the dance.



La Rueda 2

Prerequisites: Master La Rueda 1 syllabus



La Rueda 3, 4 and 5

Prerequisites: Master both La Rueda 1 and 2 curriculums.

La Rueda 3, 4 and 5 are all courses at the same level of difficulty. It’s not necessary to have completed La Rueda 3 before completing La Rueda 4 or 5.

However, in addition to mastering La Rueda 1 and 2 curriculums you and should have danced La Rueda socially.


This is an advanced rueda form with an inner ring and an outer ring . The inner ring dances to outward (in por fuera ), while in the outer ring dances inwards ( a dentro ) . At the same time constitute a pair of inner ring and a pair of outer ring one two pair rueda ( dos parejas ) , so that alternate between dancing rueda in the big ring and the small two pair rueda.

It is dynamic, has directional shifts and room for plenty of confusion! ! Great fun :-) Vamos a bailar ! !