Juleball 2012

Fotograf: Odd Egil Nerland

Los Indomables - Rueda and Salsa Group

Los Indomables is a Rueda and Salsa group consisting of people from all over the world, but living in the Stavanger area. We share a common interest in Latin American dance and culture.

We love to dance Salsa, La Rueda and Bachata and our show group performs at different arrangements throughout the region. Our experienced instructors also offer lessons for individuals and groups.




Los Indomables performs at the SalsaNor "Juleball" November 2012. Fotograf: Odd Egil Nerland


RUEDA PRACTICE GROUP at Bekkefaret bydelshus Thursdays !!!

We start this semester 23rd of August with "open hose".




Bachata intermediate course/ Bachata 2:

Monday course: 24th of September and 1th of October 2018

At 18.00-20.00

Venue: Saniteten at Kannik, Niels Jueles gt 10, Stavanger

Prerequisite: Bachata 1/ You have to know the basic rythm of bachata and have some expierience with dancing bachata sosially.

Instructors: Hilde & Udesh

Fee: Nkr 400. Student or unemployed: Nkr 200,-

Sign up or questions. Please write name, phone number and bachata 2 course.


Bachata special

Monday course: 15th and 22nd of October + 5th and 19th of November

at 18.30 - 19.25

Venue: Saniteten i Kannik, Niels Juelesgt 10, Stavanger

Prerequisite: Minimum bachata 2 level

This course will focus on shines, rythm and small coreographies, not on figures in couples.

We hope to build further on this course and maybe make a practise group at a more advanced level later on.

Instructors: Marit, Hilde and Udesh.

Fee: Nkr 400. Fulltime student or unemployed: Nkr 200,-


Other courses are mainly held at Salsa Stavanger.


Show/ performance , "partypackage"?

Private lessons or courses in small groups?

Please send an e-mail.


To book DJ with music equipments, please send an e-mail.