- La Rueda
Juleball 2012

Fotograf: Odd Egil Nerland

Rueda Practice spring 2019:


La Rueda:

Rueda means 'wheel' in Spanish. La Rueda is a Cuban dance that is very social, with a lot of humour. The leader of the ring calls out commands. The couples in the ring, dance in sync changing partners constantly. Dame! Dame una!! La Rueda can be danced facing towards the center (a dentro) but you can also dance with the back turned towards the center of the ring (por fuera). La Rueda can also be danced with two women per man; dos mujeres, un hombre, or vice versa; dos hombres, una mujer. In addition, there are other rueda styles such as crusado and llanta.


Rueda Practice Group:

The Rueda Practice Group takes place on Thursdays at Bekkefaret Bydelshus, in the basement:

1930-2030: Prerequisite: minimum rueda 2 level.

2030-2130: Prerequisite: minimum 2 advanced rueda courses on top of rueda 1+2 or participatet at the last advanced rueda course by Los Indomables/ Salsa Stavanger.


We use a lot of figures from the Norwegian Rueda Standard, and also many of our own figures.


In addition to regular rueda, we also dance crusado, llanta, dos mujeres and so forth.


Price per semester: kr 350,- Students kr 175,-


Sign up:

Please send us an e-mail with the following information: your name, telephone number and that you are signing up for the Rueda Practice Group to the following e-mail address:

There are limited places!


Rueda Curriculum 1 and 2


Show Group


At Los Indomables we have our own show group. Established in 2008, the group consists of highly motivated dancers at an advanced level. We dance La Rueda, perform choreographies and our own figures. The show group can also perform, on request, at weddings, birthday parties, company parties, etc.


Being a part of the show group is a big commitment. All members must;

-have been dancing for many years and have mastered Cuban style salsa,

-know the entire Norwegian Rueda Standard,

-be open to learn new things,

-prioritize training



If you are interested in joining the show group, send us an e-mail at

Even if there are no places currently available, we regularly consider taking in new dancers when starting up new choreographies


Rueda Practice Group